FIXFILM can be used in a wide range of applications, from surface protection of parts and products to carrier films and fixing materials.

Protect screens from contamination and scratches

in display and touch panel manufacturing processes.

Protection during shipping
Shipping protection for mobile game unit LCD panels
Shipping protection for mobile and smartphone LCD modules
Shipping protection for mobile and smartphone touch panels
Shipping protection for on-board instrument panels
Shipping protection for polarizing film
Shipping protection for high heat-resistant film
Protection during processes
Light guiding panel manufacturing process
Glass substrate manufacturing process
Printer head manufacturing process
Semiconductor manufacturing process
Circuit substrate manufacturing process
Other protection
Metal mask protection
ITO substrate protection
Electroforming mold protection
Car audio cabinet protection
Protective cover for dust mask
Lens protection
Metal polishing masking
MEMS substrate masking

Transporting parts and semi-finished products

Parts can be fixed and held if they have a smooth surface.
Since no adhesive is used, the film will not adversely impact the parts or semi-finished products.

Transport (carrier)
Transport of IR film
Transport of television components
Transport of optical lenses
Transport of polarizing plates
Transport of fluorine film

Using FIXFILM for fixing during processing processes

FIXFILM firmly holds the workpiece and can be easily removed when the processing is completed.

Temporarily fixing workpieces
Temporary fixing during film manufacture
Temporary fixing during substrate processing
POP signs on LCD TV sets
Support material for deposition processes
For cleaning in production lines
Decorative sheets

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