FIXFILM Adsorption Type

Adsorption Film

This functional film offers high adsorption while remaining non-adhesive by forming a very thin film of several tens of micrometers on the surface of the substrate.
Protective film for shipping and in-process protection, protective film for smartphone screens, transport, fixing, etc.

* Vacuum adsorption is achieved when the air between the target surface and the film is removed.
* The film adheres with great holding power onto various smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, and plastic.
* The film can be easily peeled off by letting air between it and the target surface.
* Since no adhesive is used, there is no need to worry about glue residue or seepage.

Product List

Our functional film has a high adsorption while being non-adhesive.The film firmly adheres to smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, and plastic with a strong force, and can be peeled off cleanly.

Product name Substrate Substrate thickness
Adsorption layer Adsorption layer thickness
Peeling characteristics Optical characteristics Anti-static characteristics Characteristics
Peeling force/against glass Peeling force/against acrylic Color tone Total light transmittance
Single-side adsorption type HG1-50 PET 50 Silicone-based 25 11mN/25mm 9mN/25mm Transparent 92.7% Yes Reduced transfer of adsorption layer components
HG2-50 PET 50 Silicone-based 27 20mN/25mm 21mN/25mm Transparent 92.2% Yes FIXFILM Standard Grade
HG2-50EX PET 50 Silicone-based 10 20mN/25mm 21mN/25mm Transparent 90.9% Yes HG2-50 thin-layer type
HG5-50EX PET 50 Silicone-based 10 11mN/25mm 9mN/25mm Transparent 90.9% Yes HG1-50 thin-layer type
Adsorption & Adhesion type HGA2 PET 50 (Adsorption layer) Silicone-based(Adhesion layer) Acrylic-based (Adsorption layer) 27
(Adhesion layer) 25
(Adsorption layer)
20 mN/25 mm
(Adsorption layer)
21 mN/25 mm
Transparent - - HG2 One-side adsorption & One-side adhesion type
DSP3 PET 50 (Adsorption layer) Silicone-based
(Adhesion layer) Acrylic-based
(Adsorption layer) 27
(Adhesion layer) 45
(Adsorption layer)
(Adsorption layer)
Transparent - - One-side adsorption & One-side adhesion high-adsorption type (for fixing posters)

* The peeling force is the stress measured when a piece of 25 mm wide film is peeled off 180 degrees at a peeling speed of 1,200 mm/min.
*The figures and information in this paper are FUJICOPIAN’s experimental values for reference only and are not guaranteed for individual products