Exploring new possibilities to realize

Spiraling up with technology development

At FUJICOPIAN, we improve the precision of our technology and product quality by using a unique method called the “Spiral-up Method.” With this method, we develop products based on customer requirements, conducting repeated consultations and verifications at the design, prototyping, and production stages. The feedback we receive from the customer is reflected in our merchandising and allows us to create new business opportunities and markets.
We are working to create new businesses and markets by further strengthening and expanding our original know-how and proprietary technologies accumulated with this method.

FIXFILM Formula designing and blending technology

Tailor-made design technology to meet needs in a timely and accurate manner.
At FIXFILM, we design and develop our own coating fluids to meet our customers’ needs.
We develop coating liquids with specific functions by fully utilizing material engineering, inorganic/organic chemistry, and dispersion technology.

FIXFILM Coating and surface treatment technology

Our technology efficiently applies the minimum amount of coating liquid required with high precision.
With FIXFILM, the optimum coating method and conditions for the coating liquid are selected.
A coating film with the desired functionality is efficiently formed with this technology.

FIXFILM processing technology

FIXFILM, with its film form, can be adapted to the application.
It can be transformed into forms suitable for various applications, including POP signs for home appliances, train window advertisements, posters, and protective and fixing tapes.