Creating new technology through the accumulation of our existing technology.

FUJICOPIAN CO., LTD. arrived at “FIXFILM” through one state-of-the-art development after another.
1950's: Development of Carbon Paper
1960's: Development of Fabric Ribbon, Development of Re-Ink, Development of Non-Woven Foam Fabric.
1970's: Development of Film Ribbon
1980's: Development of Thermal Transfer Ribbon
1990's: Development of Correction Tape, Development of Glue Tape, then...
Entering the 2000's, we successfully developed “FIXFILM” through a compilation of our cumulative technology combined with newer technology.

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Successive upgrading of technological development

At FUJICOPIAN CO., LTD. we have improved the quality of our products and the precision of our technology by using a unique method called the “Spiral-up Method”. With this method we develop products based on the requirements of our users,holding continuous consultation with our customers and obtaining feedback at each phase of design, prototyping and production.
We are working to develop new business and markets by strengthening and widening our original technological know-how accumulated with this method.

Analysis Technology

The analysis technology is the basis for knowing characteristics of materials.
"FIXFILM" developed an original measuring
device for collecting high dimensional values which were over the limit on diversified materials.
Collecting high dimensional values, we are
committed to product development.

Ink Designing/Blending Technology

Utilizing engineering techniques, inorganic and organic chemistry and dispersion techniques, we have designed and developed our own coating solution used in “FIXFILM” which allows us to design technology corresponding to our client's needs accurately and in a timely manner.

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Coating/Surface Treatment Technology

“FIXFILM” utilizes the most suitable coating method and criteria applicable to coating liquid, forming an efficient film with the desired functionality. This is a highly accurate coating technique, using only the minimum amount of coating liquid required whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Processing Technology

“FIXFILM” offers a variety of applications possible due to the adaptability and form of the film.
One such example is within marketing,including household consumer electronics POP,train and bus window advertising and posters as well as a wide range of other applications.

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