The Technology

Can you explain how the film works?

Pushing air out from between the target surface and the film results in a vacuum effect which
enables adsorption to the target surface. The film's strong holding force assures stable
adsorption to a variety of smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic, etc

How is the adsorbent performance shown?

We show the adsorbent strength and the 180° peeling force
(the force required to peel the film off at a 180° angle)

Can you explain about heat and chemical resistance?

Resistance will depend on the environment, chemicals and the method of use.
For the more technical information, please contact our sales department.

How does the hard coating prevent scratches?

Our hard coating film has a UV (Ultraviolet) stiffened type of hard coating which well prevents scratches.

Is “FIXFILM” manufactured in a clean room?

All “FIXFILM” products are manufactured in a clean room.

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