Always for Your Life

At FUJICOPIAN CO., LTD. we are dedicated to
improving society and lives of individuals by
accomplishing people's desire one after anotfer.
From conception to completion, “FIXFILM” is a
product inspired by the desire to develop and
improve and its creation has been realized
thanks to our original technological approach.
By creating newer and more advanced features,
our aim is to assist in the everyday lives of our
customers and in doing so we hope to meet
your expectations.
The evolution of “FIXFILM” will continue to move

Something possible Story Always for Your Life FIXFILM® Creation - Present - Future

Coating/Surface Treatment Technology FUJICOPIAN CO., LTD. cultivated in print media.

Beginning in 1950, FUJICOPIAN CO., LTD has developed a variety of print media in step with the changing times, ranging from “carbon paper” for copying documents to “film ribbon” for typewriters,“fabric ribbon” for dot impact printers and “thermal transfer ribbon” for printing bar codes and for word processors.

Later, “correction tape”, used for amending written errors, spread rapidly from 2004, gaining a 70% share of the global market and more than 80% of the market share in Japan.

With our background and experience in coating/surface processing technology developed in the print media industry, we have been able to expand into new areas.

Accumulation of further technology New challenges

With our coating/surface treatment technology developed in print media together with the accumulation of analysis technology, ink design and blending as well as processing technology, we first expanded the application of functional film within advertising and printing. Following this, we next worked on the development of industrial materials to enhance the use of the film's outstanding features.

“FIXFILM” is a complete functional film which firmly adsorbs to flat surfaces without the need for adhesive. The film will adsorb very firmly to flat surfaces but can also be peeled off cleanly without causing any damage or leaving any marks or adhesive on the target surface.

Thanks to this uniquity, “FIXFILM” has been widely used as a fixing film in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and also as a protective film in the manufacturing of liquid crystal and touch panels.

A product brand of functional films collectively unified under the name “FIXFILM”. .

With one idea after another being formulated, the speed of our development is accelerating more and more.

Through a combination of technologies, we have developed films with varying characteristics, such as scratch resistant hard coated films, films which minimize fingerprints and make them easy to wipe off as well as films with built-in anti-microbial agents.

Our functional films are known as “FIXFILM” and we are committed to continuing to develop products that will provide new and evermore diverse functions.

From here on we will endeavour to be “Always for your life” in order to evolve more and more to meet the needs of an ever changing society and to create a bright future.
The potential of “FIXFILM” is endless.

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